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Four years ago I meet some incredible people that share my values, my passion, my concerns about fashion. Together we founded rén collective a movement exploring the possibilities of sustainable fashion in a proactive and pragmatic way. Rén collective is a project aimed at promoting a cultural shift and becoming a leading voice in ethical fashion that speaks through engaging initiatives. Our mission is to inspire, inform and promote sustainability, raising the collective awareness on the topic and encouraging its diffusion through every single person involved.

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R > reinvent

We explore the possibilities of what conscious fashion could potentially be, filling its gaps. We propose sustainable scenarios based on a worldwide development analysis and a constant market research, we implement our practises starting from the inputs given by our stakeholders and the insights from the experts. We translate these feedbacks proposing exciting initiatives aimed at educating, inspiring and promoting best practises, fostering a concrete process of change.

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rén reinvent educate network

E > educate

We dedicate time to listen and talk with people as we consider human interaction extremely precious.It’s fundamental for us to open a dialogue with consumers that already know and choose sustainable products, but more importantly with those who don’t, as maybe their choices com from a lack of information. We spread fair and correct information regarding ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry. We encourage constant training and education, for ourselves and for our community. We commit ourselves and we’ll strive to consolidate, implement and clarify the distorted perception still covering ethical fashion.

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rén reinvent educate network

N > network

We respect and support anyone making sustainable products and bringing them to our lives, whether it’s a new brand or a well-established business, as long as its missions is carried out with competence, transparency and integrity. We create strong bonds of mutual trust with designers, artisans, brand, and we keep them alive through ongoing collaborations and shared information. We facilitate the creation of meeting points for people and ideas, professionals and consumers (both online or offline) offering both B2B and B2C network opportunities, based on the same shared values.

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